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Let the Games Begin!

Let the Games Begin!

How 20 America-first members of congress are shaking up Washington, D.C.

Who’s ready for some good news, for a change? I certainly am.

In early January a contingent of Republican lawmakers, led by Matt Gaetz and Lauren Boebert, opposed the election of Kevin McCarthy, a Republican state representative from California, for Speaker of the House. As a 17-year veteran of Congress, McCarthy appeared to have nothing to offer other than more of the status quo.

Here’s the list of Republican holdouts:

·        Rep. Matt Gaetz, Florida

·        Rep. Lauren Boebert, Colorado

·        Rep. Andy Biggs, Arizona

·        Rep. Eli Crane, Arizona

·        Rep. Matt Rosendale, Wyoming

·        Rep. Bob Good, Virginia

·        Rep. Andrew Clyde, Georgia

·        Rep. Andrew Ogles, Tennessee

·        Rep. Andy Harris, Maryland

·        Rep. Anna Paulina Luna, Florida

·        Rep. Byron Donalds, Florida

·        Rep. Chip Roy, Texas

·        Rep. Dan Bishop, North Carolina

·        Rep. Josh Brecheen, Oklahoma

·        Rep. Keith Self, Pennsylvania

·        Rep. Mary Miller, Illinois

·        Rep. Michael Cloud, Texas

·        Rep. Paul Gosar, Arizona

·        Rep. Ralph Norman, South Carolina

·        Rep. Scott Perry, Pennsylvania

By pushing the vote for Speaker to an unprecedented 15 rounds—the most since before the Civil War—this group of resisters drew sharp criticism from the likes of political commentators Sean Hannity and Mark Levin. Hannity went as far as to say, “House Republicans now are on the verge of becoming a total clown show if they’re not careful,” Hannity said.

Other GOP members also criticized the move. Georgia Rep. Austin Scott said amid the negotiations, "any vote against [McCarthy] damages the conference and our ability to govern. Those opposing McCarthy are putting their selfish motivations over what’s best for our nation."

They were wrong.


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What in the World? Podcast
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