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Marriage Inequality.

Marriage Inequality.

Explore why every government on earth does THIS.

In an early experiment with socialism in America in 1826, Robert Owen, originally from England, purchased property in Harmony, Indiana, and set up a colony that he said would produce morally superior human beings. Owen called the settlement “New Harmony.”

Owen proclaimed that the liberation of humankind would happen by eliminating the “Trinity of Evils” responsible for all of humanity’s misery: traditional religion, conventional marriage, and private property. Owen’s prescription for paradise included abolishing the church, disrupting the family structure, and eliminating capitalism.

His social experiment in America was a spectacular failure, and he moved back to England.[i]

In 1848, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels declared that for Communism to take hold, the nuclear family needed to be abolished. These men believed that the family, in connection with capitalism, alienated workers and made women little more than “instruments of production” for the men who lorded over them.

In contrast, the Author of Mankind created us male and female, designed marriage between one man and one woman, and conceived sex to be shared within that mutually exclusive one-man-one-woman relationship for a lifetime. The purpose of marriage is to produce Godly offspring, according to Malachi 2:15.

Historically speaking, any attempt to usurp the natural order of marriage and family leaves its members vulnerable and results in chaos.

So why does every government on the planet try to disrupt the family?





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