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No, Love isn't Always Love

No, Love isn't Always Love

Exploring who suffers when society redefines sexuality and morality.

Imagine this scenario. I go to the store and purchase a new coffee maker. When I bring it home and set it up, I throw away the directions because no one could tell me what to do with MY coffee maker.

So, I put ground turkey in the filter instead of ground coffee. Yes, it is my choice—but I am not happy with the results.

Have you ever purchased a small appliance from the store or online? Regardless of the manufacturer, each product’s instructions are similar: “For best results, use as directed.” Additionally, many warranties won’t cover problems if you misuse a product or change how it works.

Similarly, the Creator and Author of Mankind designed the human body to function in a specific way—especially human sexuality. God created us male and female, designed marriage between one man and one woman, and conceived sex to be shared within that mutually exclusive one-man-one-woman relationship for a lifetime.

All other sexual activity is outside God’s design and can lead to less than favorable results. Consider the possible consequences when sexuality is misused: fatherless households, transmitted disease, abusive partners, broken hearts and relationships, and so on.

Now, I understand what a hot-button this discussion can be. So many of us have friends and family members who are cohabitating or involved in same-sex unions. We love and want to support them—especially if our children are involved.

However, we can validate them as individuals without buying into their alternate reality. Because, as believers in Jesus, we can’t ignore the warnings in Scripture and expect these relationships to thrive.


Homicide is leading cause of death for pregnant women in US, data shows - ABC News (go.com)




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