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Reclaiming the Rainbow

Reclaiming the Rainbow

Explore the irony behind the pride symbol and how the culture is trending back toward conservatism.

June has always been my favorite month of the year. When I was younger, June represented the first month of freedom as the school year ended. It’s swimming pool and picnic season. In Western Pennsylvania, where we live, the temperatures are most moderate in June.

Lately, however, June—hailed by some as “Pride Month”—has become a month-long reminder of the depths of depravity our culture has fallen to.

During June of 2023, we’ve witnessed how, under the banner of the beautiful and iconic symbol of the rainbow, grown men dressed as women (and sometimes as young girls) have exploited real women and bankrupted high-performing corporations and brands. We’ve cringed as Target featured clothing designed by a self-identifying “trans demon” and an Adidas swimsuit model donned a “tuck-friendly” women’s suit while displaying his chest hair.

The American public responded to this lunacy predicably. For example, Anheuser-Bush stock plummeted $27 B after the Dylan Mulvaney stunt. According to the New York Stock Exchange, Target Corporation (TGT) has lost 20% of its value in just a few short weeks. And, following the Los Angeles Dodger’s decision to honor a male drag queen group known as the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence with their “Community Hero” award, over 5,000 from the Catholic and Christian communities showed up outside the stadium on June 16 to protest.


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