Aug 30 • 11M

The Politics of Power

Will our Great Republic in America Fall?

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Amy L. Travis
A Look at Current Events through the Lens of Biblical Truth. Each week we explore a different political, social, economic, or spiritual reality in 12 minutes or less.
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More information on the Biden Crime Family surfaces with each passing day. The New York Post reported this week that the National Archives acknowledges having possession of 5,400 Biden emails in which he used fake names to disseminate sensitive government information to non-governmental actors while he was Vice President. What in the world?

Additionally, the curious circumstances around the deadly blaze in Maui earlier this month have raised more than a few eyebrows. A very disturbing video surfaced recently where an eyewitness testified that law enforcement officers actually BLOCKED access to the only viable route to safety for hundreds of motorists. Many of the 115 confirmed dead and possibly the 850 unaccounted people died while trying to flee the inferno. Watch the video here.

As each news cycle becomes increasingly more bizarre, the question becomes, what in the world is happening in America? Will our great Republic survive?

America has enjoyed a relatively stable government since the ratification of our Constitution in 1788. Our founders understood that only a free, self-governing people can experience peace and prosperity.


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