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The Solution to our Broken Society?

The Solution to our Broken Society?

The Answer is Right in Front of Us

The year 2023 opened expectantly differently than the previous ones as the world slowly returns to normal. Travel restrictions are lifting, stadium concerts are coming back, and even the plexiglass is disappearing. Normal is good. Right?

However, as we emerged from the basement after being locked out of society for nearly three years, we noticed a strange new development. It’s as if “normal” received a botched facelift. It’s even uglier now than it was before.

Our current predicament reminds me of the iconic scene from the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy’s dog, Toto, exposes the Wizard as a fraud. “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.”

Or, in other words, don’t look at what’s right in front of your eyes. Ignore civilizations for the last millennia where men and women had distinct physical characteristics and only women could have babies. Of course, you can change the laws of nature. After all, it is 2023.

As a society, we’ve gone from idolizing male athletes, … to discriminating against men by redirecting their team’s funding to women’s sports, … to discriminating against women’s sports by directing their funding toward teams with men who think they are women.

We’ve gone from seeing ads of scantily dressed, painfully thin women, … to ads of scantily dressed morbidly obese women, … to ads of scantily dressed men posing as women, … to ads of pregnant “men” posing with women.

We’ve gone from schools requiring permission from parents for field trips to the zoo, … to schools allowing male students into female bathrooms without parents’ permission, … to teachers taking students to drag queen shows, and forbidding them to tell their parents.

In less than 100 years, we’ve gone from women not being able to vote, … to women having more legal protections than men, … to believing all women all the time, … to not protecting women in their own bathrooms and locker rooms, … to not knowing what a woman is.

Please, God, make it stop.


NEWSMAX TV | Live News | Videos - Eric Bolling The Balance - starting at the 48:46 mark.

What in the World?
What in the World? Podcast
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