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We’re all going to die!!

We’re all going to die!!

Yes, we are. So, let’s explore what happens next—including uncomfortable truths about the afterlife.

Reality TV—Americans love it. Shows such as American Idol, Hell’s Kitchen, Dance Moms, The Bachelor, The Voice, and Storage Wars have captured the affection of viewers from all across the United States.

Why is reality TV so popular? I don’t know for sure, but I have a theory: because it’s not real. Yes, it’s true, TV producers control the outcome. We love reality TV because it gives an illusion of being real but is partially fake and the results can be manipulated.

So how about actual reality . . . Do we love to talk about what happened, is currently happening, or what is about to happen? Not so much.

One topic we usually don’t like to discuss is what happens after we die. And when we do, we treat the discussion like a reality TV show. We mix and match secular and religious beliefs from books, movies, and conversations with friends to fabricate the best possible outcome for ourselves.

For example, a recent study found that an overwhelming majority of Americans believe they are going to Heaven. (Only 1% felt that they were bound for Hell.) But when asked why they sensed they would go to Heaven, the answers greatly varied. Read more about this study here.

Please understand this: the idea that all good people go to Heaven is NOT supported by the Bible. In contrast, Jesus spent a lot of time talking about the reality of Hell—including to those who are the modern-day equivalents of priests, pastors, and church leaders!


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