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Why a Two-State Solution in Israel Will NEVER Work

Why a Two-State Solution in Israel Will NEVER Work

Part 4 and final of, Is This the End of the World?

The propaganda machine is in full force as global leaders call for a “two-state solution” in Israel as the cure for this conflict. But, as I’ll outline below, accomplishing peace in the Middle East through a two-state solution is—and always was—a myth. It will never happen.

This notion of creating a separate, sovereign, nationally recognized legal entity called Palestine within the borders of the land of Israel originates from the aftermath of what’s known as the 6-Day War, which occurred between June 5-10, 1967.

Israel’s decisive victory included the capture of the Sinai PeninsulaGaza StripWest Bank, Old City of Jerusalem, and Golan Heights; the status of these territories subsequently became a major point of contention in the Arab-Israeli conflict,” according to Brittanica.

Since 1967, the international community of global elites has been relentlessly calling for Israel to “give back” the land, including the Gaza Strip. In September, 2005, then-President George W. Bush strong-armed Israel into signing an agreement that would evict nearly 9,000 Israelis from their homes and force them to abandon their neighborhoods.



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