Sometimes I wonder if this Pope, or a future Pope will be the false prophet of Revelation? (Just Restacked!)

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Thanks for always bringing The Truth, Amy!!

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While the "evil" of AI is now widely reported on by Substack writers, I felt compelled, after reading your essay, to consult BING's AI. When asked how many books have been written about Napoleon, this is the answer the Biden-loving computer gave me:

"According to a source, the last estimate for the number of books written about Napoleon Bonaparte was over 300,000. Napoleon is one of the most written-about figures in history, with more books about him than Christ, Mohammad, Julius Caesar, and Alexander the Great. There are many books that cover different aspects of his life and legacy, from his military campaigns to his political and social reforms."

It strikes me as odd that you would include a non-fact about Napoleon in an otherwise fine essay.

I have studied many religions and the existence of Siddhartha in unquestionable and his wisdom inspired.

While I despise the new Roman Pope and believe he is leading millions astray, I am a gnostic Christian and I believe that quantum physics will ultimately lead us to a true understanding of reality and our place in it. A spiritual life is one of constantly searching and questioning. Did Jesus actually say that he was the ONLY way people could reach His father as recorded in John 14? It seems unlikely that a Jewish rabbi would condemn all of his fellow Jews to eternal punishment for not abandoning the belief in monotheism. The book of John was written at least 52 years after the crucifixion and it seems likely that errors were made. Despite the words of Saul in his letter to Timothy, the Scriptures were "god breathed". Those scriptures that the Pharisee referred to are known as the Old Testament.

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