Great analysis of a very timely topic. This question is not IF this will happen... it is WHEN. It might even be in our lifetimes as evidenced by the reinstatement of the nation of Israel in 1948. The current moves to a one world religion and one world government further prove your point.

I will be sharing this with my readers by cross-posting it later today!

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Thanks so much for sharing, Jim!

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Just as a man who has fallen off a cliff has very few options, American taxpayers who are funding the 4th Reich have little control over a government ruled by oligarchs. When I was a little boy in Sunday School, the teachers always taught us that Russia would be part of the massive army surrounding and attacking Israel. Considering Obama's open hostility to Israel and the fact that his 3rd term seems to be intentionally leading us into a 3rd world war, it will be interesting to see what the Obama/Soros administration's reaction will be to Israel's decision to strike Iran first.

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